Eco-Friendly Baby Clothes

The purpose of Hugo & Me is to provide stylish baby clothes which don’t harm our environment. Our eco-friendly baby clothes provide a fashionable but sustainable range to choose from.

A lot of new parents these days are realising how much waste is created when raising a child. From disposable nappies to throwaway clothes, it can all begin to add up. Our range of eco-friendly baby clothes is for parents who want to make a difference when raising their child and try to minimise their effect on the environment. We source eco-friendly baby clothes from ethical brands to bring you the most stylish and up to date fashions for your children which won’t hurt the earth. From baby grows to dresses and matching trouser and top sets, we have a style of eco-friendly baby clothes for everyone.

Environmentally Friendly Baby Clothes

We sell environmentally friendly baby clothes because many people don’t realise how damaging the production of clothes can be on the environment. Chemical dyes used to colour clothes can pollute the surrounding environment and water. Wood based fabrics such as rayon and viscose are responsible for deforestation. Also, the amount of water used in the mass production of clothes is hugely wasteful. We sell environmentally friendly baby clothes which are not mass produced, but made, sometimes by hand, by smaller, sustainable companies who also care for the earth.

Eco Friendly Baby Bedding

If you’re a parent, you’ll want to find baby bedding which is soft on your child’s skin but also has little or no effect on the environment. Our eco friendly baby bedding is made from 100% organic cotton, so you can rest easy knowing that it has a reduced impact on the environment. The soft fabric of our eco friendly baby bedding is sensitive on skin but also strong and durable. This means that it will last and last and can be passed down to the next child, creating even less demand on our environment.

Eco Friendly Baby Furniture Hugo & Me sell eco friendly baby furniture as an alternative to cheap, throwaway plastic furniture that is so often used these days. This furniture is less durable and once it is thrown away, it is much harder to recycle so can often end up in landfill. Our eco friendly baby furniture range includes traditional and modern style furniture made from timber, which is easy to recycle and much more durable. Any plastic used in this range, such as in our ball pits, is made from non-toxic chemicals and is completely safe for children to use.
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