Chic Nursery & Baby Toys

Every child loves toys. Nursery toys help infants begin to understand the world, they are often one of the first things children begin to interact with and through them, they learn to express themselves. The Hugo & Me range of toys has been selected to provide beautiful additions to your nursery and give both babies and young children some fabulously stylish play options.

Our range includes baby play gyms, indoor slides and baby play mats to promote more active play that will help develop spatial awareness. We also have plush toys to bring comfort as well as exciting gifts that can become the centrepiece of your baby’s bedroom or playroom, such as our rocking elephant and rocking sheep.

Our baby ball pits and indoor slides are highly popular for both baby girls and boys, giving them a great safe playspace in your home. All of our toys are offered in neutral and monochrome tones to create a more inviting playspace that suits either gender – or allows you to buy toys in advance of knowing which gender your baby will be.

For those looking for safe, stimulating toys that will help your child grow and will suit the most stylish of playrooms, Hugo & Me’s range of nursery toys will delight new babies and young children with a thrilling range of play options.