Baby Bath Set

Baby Bath Set

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This luxurious Baby Bath Set comes complete with :-

Shnuggle Baby Bath

Designed to make bath time stress free and fun. Suitable from newborn it helps support even the tiniest baby right up to 12 months plus. The clever bum bump supports baby and helps them to feel safe and secure. With its compact size, it only uses 2 litres of water and fits inside most kitchen sinks.  The bum bump helps to support baby in the water making it super safe and less stressful to support baby fully.

Molly Moo Hooded Towel

A choice between 'Beau Bunny' or 'Nellie Elephant-Newborn' design.  The towels are made from a super soft and beautifully thick absorbent 100% cotton, ideal for snuggling up after a splish-splash in the bath.


Earth Friendly Baby Products

Earth Friendly Baby products are organic and 99.2% natural with no artificial fragrances or colours. A gentle blend for baby sensitive skin.

300ml bottle of soothing chamomile bubble bath 

250ml bottle of soothing chamomile shampoo & bodywash

Sassy Soft Ducky 

A bright, fun duck for gentle bathtime play, with a temperature sensitive indicator that changes colour when the bath water it too hot.

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