How did Hugo & Me all start?

Our gorgeous little Hugo was born in May 2016, our first born and our world. In the lead up to Hugo's arrival, we decided to find out the sex of our baby as my inner control freak couldn't possibly wait until the birth. So at 16 weeks pregnant we discovered we were having a boy. From then on I spent every weekend searching for perfect little outfits for my prince's arrival. When browsing the typical high street shops I discovered that firstly, there is less than half as much choice of clothes for boys as there is for girls...annoying. But also the clothes that were available for boys were so stereotypical - blue or red with a huge garish car or tractor plastered on the, no thanks! So I resorted to buying neutral unisex clothing available...basically just white, which was lovely but again there wasn't much choice. Thank goodness for the holy grail that is Instagram!! I began perusing and following baby wear brands which lead me to find so many adorable, stylish and non-garish outfits! 

Months later when Hugo was a few weeks old, I stumbled upon an 'organic' baby wear brand on Instagram. I wondered 'how can clothes even be organic?'. When I read more into organic clothing and organic baby wear, it really began to interest me. Hugo had really sensitive skin when he was young and suffered from eczema and severe cradle cap. I was always looking for the kindest washing powder for baby's skin and hadn't even considered clothing. Organic cotton isn't farmed using toxins such as pesticides and doesn't undergo bleaching, softening and formaldehyde sprays. Baby's skin is much thinner and more porous than adult's skin, that means their skin absorbs things very easily and so babies and children can have greater risk of suffering pesticide-related health problems. Organic cotton clothing greatly reduces that risk. 

Although organic cotton clothing can initially be more expensive than conventional cotton clothing, in the long run works out cheaper as it can last around 10 times longer.

I really liked the idea of 'organic baby wear' to help reduce the amount of toxins Hugo would be exposed to. The more I looked into it the more variation of this idea I found - 'eco-friendly', 'non-toxic dyes'. 

That's when the idea sprung to mind. Why don't I create a website that can house all of these amazing organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic baby wear brands! It would make life much easier for style-conscious parents like us to be able to browse through brands which not only offer the latest trends in baby wear but are also kind to baby's skin.

Luckily for us so many brands were on board with our idea, enabling us to set up Hugo & Me and start retailing within a matter of months. We officially opened our website on 31st March this year and we've been going from strength to strength since. 

If you would like to know any more information or have any questions, please leave a comment :).

Keep an eye on my next few posts, I will be doing mini interviews with some of our fabulous brands so you can find out more about them and their clothing.

Lots of Love 
Hugo & Me x
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