How to Dress Your Baby in Winter: The Complete Guide

How to Dress Your Baby in Winter

Dressing a new baby can be so much fun – finding adorable little outfits and twinning with their siblings (or yourself!) But as well as considering all of the latest trends in micro-fashion, parents always remember the practicalities. Over-preparing is usually the name of the game for parents, who often have several spare outfits in the changing bag at any time. But when the cold months set in, how do you begin to prepare?



If you’re taking baby on a day out in the cold weather, layers are obviously essential. A good selection of warm baby-grows to wear under their trendy outfits is a great staple to always have. If your baby will be wearing a dress or a tunic, a good thick pair of tights or leggings is essential.


On top of these underclothes, make sure to add plenty of layers. The best technique is to add a few thin layers, which can easily be removed if baby starts to get a bit warm. Cotton is the best fabric for layering, as it is warm but still lets their skin breathe. Our range of organic cotton products are soft and sensitive to your baby’s skin.


A good set of knitwear is essential! Keeping your baby’s head warm is the most important, so a good hat is a must. Pom pom hats look great on both children and adults, so why not twin with your baby with some matching hats?

Keep their tiny fingers warm with a good pair of mittens. When they’re outside, extremities get cold incredibly fast. Thick socks and booties will keep their little toes warm, especially if they’re going to be out of the pram. When in the pram, a nice thick blanket is good for wrapping around their legs.

Colours and Patterns

Winter is a fun time to play with the colour scheme of your baby’s wardrobe. Darker colours like navy blue, forest green and burnt orange can all enter the palette now, leaving pastels and floral patterns behind until next summer.

What could be cuter than a baby Fairisle jumper? Winter patterns look so cute on adults, so they’re even cuter on babies! Dressing your baby in patterns of snowflakes, penguins and reindeers creates a great festive look, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Festive Clothing

Christmas fancy dress for babies is divisive among parents – some find it cheesy while others think it is too cute! One of the good things about it is that Christmas costumes are usually reasonably warm!  A knitted reindeer hat or a classic Santa hat will keep a baby’s head warm, whilst also keeping them looking fun and festive! The ultimate winter warmer for the whole family is a set of matching festive onesies. Spend your Christmas day all cosy together, really looking the part.

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