Baby Nursery Furniture

Kit out your nursery with our range of nursery toys and furniture. We have toys and furniture suitable for babies as well as young children, all aimed at making a fun and creative play space for them.

Stay Eco-Friendly with Wooden Nursery Furniture

A lot of nursery furniture is made from plastic and ultimately ends up in landfill. We have sourced nursery furniture made from more sustainable materials such as timber. Wooden nursery furniture is a more eco-friendly option and it also has a stylish, minimalist look.

Throwback to Traditional Nursery Furniture

Traditional nursery furniture is making a comeback, as nurseries with a classic look are becoming more popular. We have a range of traditional nursery furniture such as rocking animals and wooden toy prams. As well as being fun for the little ones to play with, they will give your nursery a timeless style.

Tidy Up with Nursery Wall Shelves

We have more practical nursery furniture, such as nursery wall shelves. These are perfect for storage or for displaying photographs or your children’s works of art! Our chair and table set is made from wood and painted with hypoallergenic child-safe paint. It’s perfect for some quiet creative time and will last for years to come.

Fun and Creative Baby Play Mats

Baby play mats are perfect for creating a fun play space whilst also protecting your floors from scuffs and marks from toys. We have a range of baby play mats with exciting designs, ideal for facilitating creative play such as world maps and adventurous journeys.

Kit your nursery out in stylish and practical furniture and toys from Hugo & Me.