Our Top 5 Nursery Best Sellers 2022
  1. Foam Play Sets - These brand new products from MeowBaby have been our number 1 best seller since last Autumn. With endless combinations and a range of beautiful colours to choose from, you’re sure to find a suitable play set for your little one. The soft foam blocks are made with antiallergenic polyurethan foam covered in a super soft velvet fabric. All elements have a removal cover which can be machine washed…ideal when it comes to keeping it nice and clean. Available in 4 beautiful colours - light grey, light pink, blue grey and teddy beige. These play sets are sure to provide hours of fun for your little ones, let them use their imagination by building their own playground. The simple stylish design and soft neutral colours makes this product a beautiful feature in the home too! (Recommended for age 1-3 years). 
  2. Canopies - another brand new product we have welcomed are these beautiful bed canopies from Handmade Scandi Co. Dream amongst the clouds with these whimsical bed canopies available in 4 soft shades - Fairy Dust Pink, Cloud Grey, Snow White and Soft Lavender. The canopies have been designed with a larger hoop at the top and extra long billowy fabric for even the tallest of ceilings to create the most luxurious fairy tale feel that all little ones love. These gorgeous canopies come assembled with the hoop already inside the fabric and with all the fixings ready for a simple attachment to the ceiling. 
  3. Giant Giraffe! After many customer requests one of the most popular products sold in our shop is now available to purchase online (yay!). The beautiful giant standing giraffes are the perfect addition to a little animal lover’s bedroom and will undoubtedly become their new best friend. The giant stuffed animals are available in two sizes 135cm or 180cm. The plush giant giraffe is a beautiful feature in any room and super soft to touch. To keep the giant giraffe company we also have a giant standing elephant - both perfect for a safari themed bedroom! 
  4. Ball pits - another fabulous product from MeowBaby, we have sold these beautiful ball pits for over 4 years now and they have always been a customer favourite. This year we have hugely expanded our range of ball pits...choose between soft cotton or luxurious velvet fabric in over 10 beautiful colours of ball pits and also your choice of ball colours - with endless combinations to choose from you will find the perfect one for your little one and to suit your home. 
  5. Tipi Rail - a beautiful nursery must-have for any scandi-themed bedroom. The simplicity of this design by Childhome is clean and minimalistic allowing you to show off your little one's adorable essentials. With a tipi shaped rail to hang their clothing and a shelf at the bottom to display their accessories. This open clothes stand is a feature in itself, made from natural beach wood with painted white tipi tips for that extra touch of simplistic detail. A stunning neutral piece of nursery furniture (we love them so much we have several of these in our shop to display our stock). 

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