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Why Buy Organic Baby Clothes?

Trying to have a sustainable lifestyle is hard enough as it is, but when you try to live sustainably with a new born baby, things get a little more complicated. So much of every day childcare has an effect on the environment, like disposable nappies and wipes for example, so it’s important to do any little thing you can to lessen your impact. One of these things is buying organic baby clothes. After buying them, it makes no change to your lifestyle but they are so much better for the environment than regular mass produced cotton baby clothes.

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is produced using methods that have less impact on the environment. Normally, cotton is grown in a chemical heavy environment and these chemicals can damage the soil, air and water in the surrounding areas. The pesticides and fertilizers used are often toxic or synthetic and don’t promote a natural and biologically diverse growing environment.

Organic cotton is grown using natural, healthy soil and non toxic corn starch. It is also grown in fair trade systems, where the farmers and workers grow and harvest the cotton in safe, healthy environments with fair wages.

Is organic cotton sustainable?

Environmental sustainability is the ability to consider the future of our environment with our actions in the present. It is the aim to increase our use of renewable resources, decrease our pollution and for the biosphere and humanity to ‘coexist’. Organic cotton is a more sustainable option, as it is made in a safer environment which incurs less pollution and toxic damage.

Baby clothes can be problematic when it comes to sustainability, as each piece of clothing is used for such a short time. In order to increase sustainability, organic cotton baby clothes are the best option for new parents.

Where can I buy organic cotton in the UK?

Hugo & Me have a range of organic cotton baby clothes, which is all GOTS certified. GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard, the leading textile standard for organic fabrics. We offer a range of clothes for babies and toddlers, from t-shirts to rompers. Some are in understated styles, whilst some have fun and bright patterns. We also have organic muslin squares, perfect for quick and easy clean-ups. In order to increase your sustainability, we send all of our products out in recyclable packaging.

To find out more about our organic cotton baby clothes, get in touch with us or browse the range today.

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